Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The couch...from hell

Ok lets get to work
The helper waiting for her time to jump......
I know I know the outfit is so sexy hey it took a long time to get the "look"
The front..... now I need to make the table
The Back
Teh history of the Little Couch from Hell...Ok Linda and myself ...Linda who hello? the walk partner....ok so one day we decide to go to the simi valley mall....and check out all the business that are closing how entertaining...so we stroll and stroll in and out of stores...then we happen upon Urban Home...little history I gave my old couch to Ms. Independence two years ago....and when she got to Oakland they found out they could not fit it up the stairs thus it ended up a free giveaway on the streets of Oakland and yes it found a home....most free things do..so I have been searching for just the right couch and size for the sitting room because there is only enough room to sit that is ti sit and sit more ..so two years the search has been on ....ok so Linda and I go into Urban home ..ok a little more history on the living room we have dogs they take over the furniture when we sleep thus the gates throughout out the house and the doors all closed when we sleep...and it is not so much Angel it is the baby blu (pictured above) who thinks my furniture we buy is designed for her comfort....so any who I did not want to buy a couch because I knew she would sleep on the couch  it this is a room that can not be barricaded off it is a central room.. who'd a thought this story entailed so much history....So back to Urban home we find this cute little couch and it is smaller than the average couch..after all in the ;last few years things have gotten a lot more economical and smaller...so so so we go into Urban and there is the cutest little couch so I ask my friends opinion and for 299.00 who gives a la de dah....So next on the agenda get hubby to come up and approve the purchase....Done ...next go order the couch...now all this is in the span of ohhh three weeks in the mean time got the approval from the face book friends family and the dogs.....So Linda and I return to the store to purchase the couch ...order....sign ....give the  credit card...done...wait a minute....hold on the employee of the month notices that my name is not on the credit card yes I have the last name and am a signer on the account but...do I look like Gary ??? Do i sign like Gary ....hummm lets call upper management ...no do you think in the times the way they are and the fact that i have an ID am a signer on thew account etc etc etc they would just say OK for gosh sakes are you kidding me...so Linda mulls around the store and I of course sit and stare at her now the whole time i think she is calling to get permission to give me copies of the stuff i signed....Oh no Sergent Sell a lot is making sure she crosses all her t's .....After 20 minutes  myself and Linda telling her over and over and over that I am a signer call my husband come on you have got to be kidding me...now regularly i would never go back to this place...Linda suggest we go on the world wide web and search for who ever else may have this cute little couch...well to the www we go and do you not know that it is make Exclusively for Urban Home..I'm caught between a rock and a leather couch.....So back I go that weekend and order my little couch and here I am putting it together please note the sexy outfit...Imagine how hard it is for my husband to leave me each morning looking so HOT......God Bless

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