Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thursday what a week....

Ok so i lite a fire on the fireplace at 5am my usual and customary time to get to employed or not.....then I waxed the bathroom cabinets ...filled the Brita pitcher ..then i jumped into my black Ferrari and went on a job interview it was interesting to say the least hey it had been a long time between interviews and i don't know but the atmosphere is really different and so casual...The interview went hummm well??? Nothing like being interviewed by someone your sons age that when i began to ask questions about the company he had to call his boss in???What the Fri$^#&*#(# hey it is good we need the interviews to get back in the swing of things and i m not one to sit around....plenty to do but i jut want to work.....After I got done i took Banjo boy some Starbucks to cheer him up i think he is worried about me...hey and when i was in Starbucks i saw a poster they are looking for mangers....things are still lookin up........God Bless

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Tangos Treasures said...

Good luck job hunting!!
Love the pictures!


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