Friday, October 22, 2010

Finally Friday

What a week and next week was going to be my vacation guess that became perminate so i will go do what i had planned while looking for employment...going to get mommy and you all know how much i love my mommy....but tonight will get together with those sneeky little card sharks for a game of tick and if you remember last time i was out I won.....for the first time in 5 years....So today i have cleaned the house did some laundry ..... mailed my BOO cards to family and friends for the wood stack filled and the fireplace ready for warmness if it is cold...burr like out here in California we even know what cold is seriously it is 68 and people say I am freezing well go back to Minnesota dear and see how it feels....ok ok don't get me started it is like talking about California drivers don't get me started.....

1 comment:

ShellyJ said...

Glad you are finally taking some time to relax! Tonight's low in Idaho, 47 degrees, Tuesday's low predicted to be 33, high 47.


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