Sunday, October 24, 2010

Well we are home and we

stopped at Mimi's on the way home did you know my mom has never seen Mimi's home it was so precious to watch them go around her cute little home and look at everything then we went out to to my home and we went to the famous 5 dollar book store than took back a vacuum i got her like oh a year ago and got 75.00 dollar's for it why it did not even cost that much things r good ...... Today we went and saw Hereafter BORING and LONNNGGGGG my mommy fell asleep she never falls asleep in movie ...last night we sat around googling stuff i bought at garage sales got a Bauer pitcher for 2 dollar and it goes for 39.00 on ebay and a box of Ball old 1900 jelly jars one goes for 59.00 score girlfriend are some pictures tomorrow we will hit the Regan library then to dinner this is fun but that mommy of mine why she wears me also had a great dinner my nephew Josh came over with his girlfriend Stephanie and it was so nice and the food we scrumptious....ok nite nite got go watch desperate housewolfs...xoxo

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