Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day two .......

Well started the day off with Paul at the Ford dealership really nice guy...I went acting like i managed my own car but we know banjo boy does it. I said i needed a tune up...what kind i say sparks with a grin....oh ok so Paul continues to ask questions i think he was hoping to stump me but i continued with belts and hoses need checking to. Now i ask the price and he say 400.00 HOLY CRAP.....but here i go and i ask is that because the manifold needed to be moved to get to the spark plugs on the right....Bingo he looked at me impressed yet confused but said Yup? then he says let me show you and proceeds to open the hood and run down the removal etc etc....When we were done he bid me a dew and put me in the courtesy shuttle...Now here is the trick the whole time I'm there banjo boy is on the cell phone listening and giving me the answers on my bluetooth god bless modern tech because i know how they take advantage of us poor little weak women...WOOYAAAAA...ok moving on decided when i got home to take a run lots of stuff to see and I am enjoying taking some shot for my blog but right in the middle of the walk/run it starts to rain really hard ok now what to do so i ran to the porch of a vacant house and waited and on the way home got some shots of a chicken coop ya all know i want my i will leave and run home ....ok the rain lets up so i went and made a new bedroom in the barn for Tiny our was great exercise and as you know i need to stay busy for the sake of my loved i have some pictures from the day....enjoy xoxo...and do not think this is all fun tomorrow i will be having resume day i have worked the last three night brushing it up and tomorrow we are heading to the computer in the office here at home and getting going on the resume it has been 9 years so it needs fine tuning ...god bless

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Doris Sturm said...

Are you serious? $400 for a tune up? What kind of a car needs a $400 tune up ... I need to know so I won't buy it ;-)


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