Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Well I decided we are

going to keep a Lani the Senior Citizens guide to unemployment a daily log with pictures on what we do each day while awaiting that job .....and I know it is out there .....Well start the day with some early morning pictures....zip to the recycling center to get some xtra cash split with apron strings for keeping me company...poor baby has pink eye so i only have him for 24 hours.... off to shop with the apron strings had to look for the right parking...... Cleaned out my lunchbox sad but a job that had to be done apron strings wants to use it...sweetttt.....then get some laundry done ...cooked macaroni from scratch but if i keep cookin these home made dinners banjo boy is going to start likin this thing....i told him i would do the chores every mornin he said i was takin him off his game...lol....god bless that man o' mine and all in all things are lookin up.........

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