Sunday, June 20, 2010

What the heck

Hubby and me the table of dinner ...

am i only checking in on weekends well a few things i am doing well with the weight loss I'm at my 8% goal at Weight Watchers thank you WW you are the bomb dot com weight loss ...the fountain you ask well after i got hubby to get the sledge hammer out and bang off the latrine at the top i felt better but Shelly was not so happy after all she spend her Monday night and artist abilities to help me finalize the pond fountain Mimi helped me finish the pond again ...i think we are done. i got the yard ready for the BBQ had to do it two weeks early cause I'm going to my once a year annual quilt retreat and that is a treat for me and i have not been quilting for three weeks at least and it will feel good to be with my women of quilt i love my women no matter what part of my life they touch work, quilting, weight loss or my coffee girls they are all my women and we rule the world...OK enough now what else we had some friends over for dinner last night and i made Mexican squash it was delicious and all i did was slice it add stewed tomatoes some parm cheese pepper and bake for 30 minutes look at the picture....wanna bite....Hit my fundraising goal for the Avon walk yes that is great and I'm trying to help the other girls get to theirs...God Bless


Doris Sturm said...

I enjoyed your photos, especially the one of you and your sister in them middle and that Mexican squash dish sounds delish!

Have a great week :-)

Tangos Treasures said...

Congratulations on your weight loss!! Yes please I'll have some squash!!
How long did you bake it??


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