Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Honduras Heather

Ok I'm going to be keeping track of Heather Ann on this blog yes she has gone on a hike we know how those go with her and Christopher Robin ...They are in Honduras and as far as I'm concerned they are Hondurasses for going.....just to much unrest but i can remember in my days of ole' when i was young i would go anywhere do anything sometimes anybody and have a blast doing it ...I think?? i did I if you know me and remember if i did call me and let me here is her first correspondence....

hola mama !!
so after a 7 hour flight a 1 hour taxi ride and a 4 hour no air condish bus ride i have made it to la cebia honduras! its pretty old and run down here we are just staying here for one night to catch a ferry to head to the bay islands ! were going to the island of utla. i just wanted to let you know i am safe and having a great time!! were going to get some dinner cause were both really tired cause we got no sleep from sitting by a lady who had to pee every 5 mins on the plane , and when we took off splashed holy water on her side and prayed to the holy mary with her rosary and anytime there was turbulence she did it again!!. i love you and will talk to you soon.

Now remember this is a little girl barely 24 just a baby that i talk to at least 4 to 5 times a day so the next two weeks.....a bit worried ...ya think......hey this might be good for the diet ....holy crap this is turning out to work for me after all.....God Bless

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Sherry said...

Oh Dear! I hope some of the holy water splashed on your baby!! ;o) Praying they stay safe!! But also have lots and lots of FUN!!!!!!


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