Friday, June 25, 2010

Off to my quilt retreat and here

OK I'm off to Beautiful downtown Buelton for the weekend retreat....should be fun i have the lap top so i will keep you posted...
Here is the latest letter from the baby in Houndras

Hola mama,
So today we have arrived in Utila. Its one of the bay islands of Honduras. We took a ferry from La Cebia to here this morning and we are staying at the Mango inn where we are going to get Scuba certified ! the hotel and dive shop work as one and we get a great deal for 4 nights stay and to be scuba certified! Are first class is this evening and then there is huge party tonight at a bar for the master divers who have been all trained in another level so we will be going to that. We got a killer deal on are room hot water and air condishing because the regular rooms were all taken. I miss you and love you im off to learn some scuba!!
love heather

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Rhonda said...

Hi Lani!
Enjoy the retreat and take pics and post....girl!!!
Are you meeting up with the rest of the West Coast Wackies????


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