Sunday, June 13, 2010

OMG Im so sorry it has

My birthday picture and Shelly who helped finish up the pond/waterfall/thing with water

been way to long to not have written here is the low down you know I'm a buzzie girl well this has been a really go go week and three days but that is no excuse for not keeping my peeps up to date...Ok so the last you heard i was going to my spiritual weekend well i did and came home with a halo on my head,....hubby was glad ....then i had to really get going on the pond..yes it is almost done my friend Shelly came over to help me tonight and we are almost done it is running and the rocks and moss look good but i still seem so think it needs some thing more...We had a bake sale for the Avon walk the is the team to the right in the kitchen getting ready for the sale and the team made 807.00 WOOOWHOO to the Team good job girls i am posting pictures of everything i seem to post my pictures on myface more cause it is so darn easy ....the weight watchers is doing well we are one more pound down and only 10 to go...golanigo lani...the ladies to the right are my spiritual guru's...well morew tomorrow God Bless

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Tangos Treasures said...

Pond is looking great!
Wahooo on the weight loss!!


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