Friday, June 4, 2010

Today's challenge

Ok I have am going on a spiritual weekend retreat for women only is my issue i am going to lead workshop no biggy right...well the topic which all in all seems to fit perfect...."Getting out of ones self" holy crap you mean to say it is not all about me?????? huh????not that i find it hard to talk to anyone this is going to be a great topic for me because i find that self seems to ride a shot gun to selfish...yes? right....this is going to kinda be my pre-talk ish thing a ma well ya know that it is going to be hard for some of you to understand what i am talking about because it is some what pointed at people in recovery so hummmm do I go on...well lets talk about something more important should i take a bathing suit i only have one and i have had it for oh say 15 years a two piece that makes into a one piece holds me in but the cellulite.... the spider bikini wax...grrr .... women say oh why do you care we don't can you honestly tell me that when you are with friends even if they are close or not you don't way in your head at times ...Why Mary i don't know why Mable insists on wearing those things..Or oh my gosh look??? She looks so different when she is fully my ego being so do not get bothered by these things because most of the time i can laugh them off....there is always someone who looks great who happens to be 23 years older and had 14 children....and not a mark on her...god i hate genetics ...there i go again blaming it on my realtives.......crap...well i will be taking my hiking shoes and gym clothes but i will hide my suit in the bottom of my pack....and in my old age now i find I'm taking an xtra blankie a pillow cause i do not want germs and my own wash cloth..what happened to the good ole days of sleep on the dirt cover myself with old clothes....oh what a life i i remember a time when i use to pull off the freeway to seriously off the side in a bush not off the freeway....nooff the ramp in a to much information but when we are young we do the strangest things...come on ya know ya did .....ok so i will take the suit and pray for the words to my workshop....God Bless and have a great weekend....Wish me luck......


JC said...

Being a (well almost) regular reader of your blog over time, I'm sure you'll be just fine! You are bigger & better than any stinkin' nerve that might want to raise up and say you can't do it!

I remember the days when pulling to the side of the road and running for the nearest bush was common, sleeping on the ground, hitchhiking (sshhh) and so many other things that I wouldn't dream of now! For one, if I were to squat by the side of the road, I'd probably fall right into that wet spot I was making & sleeping on the ground - only if someone is there to help me up in the morning. LOL

Good luck but most of all, relax and have fun!!!!!!

Doris Sturm said...

don't forget the rubber flip flops for using in someone else's shower - I'm worried about athlete's foot! Never had it, but never wanted it either ;-)

I'd just go for loose fitting cotton moo-moos and float about looking wise and carefree (he, he, he)....all white is always a good and intelligent look in the summer and maybe some big, bold beads or like turquose...maybe some silver bangles and of course the silver sandals with the polished tootsies ;-)

You go girl! Have fun with the ladies and just be yourself!

Linda B said...

Oh, Lani, I would love to take your workshop. And, as for the swimsuit issue, (no, not sports illustrated) I know just what you mean. Mine is hot pink! Can you see the pink elephant coming? But, after 50, you can do whatever you want and screw what anyone else says or thinks. JUST HAVE FUN!!


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