Sunday, May 23, 2010

Oh Brother so here we go again

So as you all know I have been on this Kick Butt thang and with my injury to the kankle it was a bit of a challenging to say the least not exercising makes it so hard to stay on track...i find that when you exercise you eat any way the point being that I went over to flab to fab to see how the girls are doing they are in there last week and it seems they are doing well some high points some low but all in all they have collectively lost close to 60 pounds you can see each girls progress by going there but why leave this is when the action is going to be for the next 6 weeks yes I said 6 weeks i have given myself back the 6 weeks i lost with the kankle but to top the whole thing off I went and joined weight watchers yes I broke down....Look i have spent allot of cash on boot camps...gyms...magic diet crap and blog challenges but lets face it we all need meetings and other people face to face ..warm bodies..real human contact to keeping us accountable am I right...yes so weight watchers it is and I will keep better track for you all....Today was day one of trying to keep points I get 20 a day that is not very much cause the things i like to eat have at least 20 points per serving...well that had to stop today...but enough of the weigh stuff you will get enough of that the next 6 weeks one more point unless we learn how to eat and portion control it is fruitless..ok so the tracker is back up and the kankle is gone so lets go back to the kick butt...hey and if any of you are in weigh watchers i started a group called What's the point ...on the weight watchers site go join we will do this together....God Bless...I know Linda this is what my 100th diet it


Tangos Treasures said...

Good luck!!

Sherry said...

I get so tired of the weight loss battle. I've lost the battle for now and I'm blaming the husband. He likes to eat, Mexican food, hamburgers, etc. In my new job, I could pretty much set my hours as long as I open the office at least four days a week. So, I'm working through lunch. I've been eating more fruits and vegetables and think I actually lost 2 pounds last week. Probably fluid. ;o(

Thanks for the comment comparing me to my mother. I've never felt as pretty as her until I got older and thought I was getting close. I was definitely NOT comfortable in my own skin for a while. Now. I'd rather be me that anyone!

Doris Sturm said...

Oh, I'll go find you there right now - I'm on WW online too....see ya!

Doris Sturm said...

I can't find you, Lani, but I still don't know my way around on WW...this is my blog:


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