Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ok a few things

day three of weight watchers went to a meeting cause it is hard but it took a while to get these pounds on so looks like i need to work harder to get it off. I'm leaving for Oakland on Saturday to go see Ms.Independence my daughter ya know i thought today i really do take life by the balls if there is a opportunity to take i will take it...when i heard that there was a sale for California flights at southwest i was all over it....When there is anything i can do to help or be helped I'm all over it....after i get back from Oakland it will be my 55th year of life WOOWHOOOO wow now i can retire NOT.....but the office is throwing me a fake retirement party instead of a birthday party I think...LOL yes it was my idea ....also the weekend i get back i go to a spiritual weekend to find my spirituality I'm a god girl i choose to call it a higher power makes me realize it has more power then me..who a thunk. Then I'm off to a quilting weekend now that is going to be fun...i Love to quilt and while all that is going on i still have to work go to the radio station to push the Avon walk and have Avon walk bake sale Life Is Good.....SO i think i will go now and get some sleep cause this post made me tired...lol...God Bless


Rhonda said...

You've got a great plan!!!

andsewon said...

Oh Lani! Ya know Double Nickles is the safest speed Limit! Ha! Ha!
Happy Birthday Sweets! Sounds like a fun time in lots of ways!!

Doris Sturm said...

Yeah, me too...wow, you'd best get your Zzzzzzs, Lani, and don't forget to take your vitamins.

Have fun and be safe!
Doris :-)


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