Saturday, April 3, 2010

The time for Easter is the time for

Eggs and the time for eggs is da Easter time.................quote from my mommy she use to sing it to us when we were little thin children ...well going up to Paso Robles to Judy's house with the family brothers sisters and my babies Apron Strings and Ms. Independence day ...ho and Hubby.....Let you guys in on a little secret cause you guys trump the myface friends...oh don't get all pissy Myface friends just that loyal followers have been around allot longer you need to earn my trust...LOL...we will be making the first training may not be published right away but next week it will be up so if you follow and need some training tips it will be the video to watch Look out Fabzzz..and i think Jillian will be impressed may have to send it to the other camp..LOL...Im os funny ...huh Linda....Happy Saturday before Eater but i will be back in time to Easter it up here at the Adventure spot...God Bless....oh Happy Easter Linda

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