Sunday, April 4, 2010

Ok this was a wild weekend and I need

to get something off my chest but first the weekend it was much fun the most fun being my spill in the gutter in the dark.and I don't even drink...Do Not Run at night is funny now but last night when I hit the hotel room with tears rolling down my widdle face because my ankle was the size of a cantaloupe and throbbing while everyone was god bless them trying to help....just leave me be....ever been that way ....but I have all my Easter pictures posted on my face here is the kankle one..I will make a slide show tomorrow cause all the pictures are so good...

Ok here is issue Number two it has to do with the FTF competition I'm telling my bloggers cause they are my true listeners the myface is good but my heart is here....I found some pretty crappy stuff out and I'm going to share it here cut and paste it so you know Im not making it up and I will even leave out the names to make it a bit easier but one of the competitors and self appointed contestant say the following and this is wrong because you should play fair and this is just plain not right do not I say do not preach your holier than thou crap and do this behind your competitions back ...and not me but the girls you are asking to fight for weight loss and learn to eat right and get it is and take it for what it is worth.....and I thought I had issues....
I took the names out just to keep the playing field even....NOT

FTF #7 says:
" I thought you and I were going all hard core laxatives and water together? WTH? ;) "

Responce :
Actually, I am 100% back on track at the moment. A whole 3 days! Aren't you proud?

Response from 3rd party:
laxative? you know that only causes fecal and fluid weight loss right?

FTF #7 said:
"Yes, but it still counts... ;) I'll take what I can get at this point!"

3rd party:
true enough. If you want to lose 5 lbs drink a bottle of magnesium citrate. It causes a pretty instantaneous release 15 min-3 hrs or so.

Keep your friends close your competitors closer........and I'm the bad guy ?????....I have taken off my link to the Flab to Fab and will continue to loose weight with dignity and good health and a kick ass sense of humor ...God Bless


Tangos Trash and Treasures said...

Owwwww sorry you hurt your ankle.
On the other that's crazy??

Tudy said...

Good for you. Thos4e tricks work for weigh in time but do not last. Keep your chin up and do it the right way.

lani said...

Amen..ouch ....

Nichole said...

Ouch! Hope your ankle is feeling better soon!

Oh my...I hope they were kidding. I lost 5 lbs this laxatives needed ;o)

lani said...

Does it sound like she was kidding......I think not...WOOWHOO on 5 pounds that is really great...and so sorry about the little boy


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