Thursday, April 1, 2010

So I take the ...

Mahi Mahi out to defrost last night and this am when i am on my way out to work i make sure it is defrosted and put it away all day I'm dreaming about the Mahi Mahi like it was warm bread pudding with brandy I go to work long day and get home after going to Costco and getting the last minute things for Easter ....i get home go to get the Mahi to just oh so slightly seared with the last of the asparagus and yes the ever lovin I go and where is the Mahi???? Pa Hubby Wubby did you move he mahi...nope ok then I look in the freezer yes me dumb A@@@@++++ put it back in the freezer this am .....GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR no no not the chicken I will hang myself if i have to eat it we just eat the asparagus and a fig Newton and call it a night......I'm not going to continue to bore you with my Kick Butt details only if I think you need to know but sometimes the stuff i run into is just to good not to share...Life happens when your kicking butt.....God Bless...are you guys ready for Easter ....Hi Linda


Carmen said...

Ready for Easter? Ready for Easter? If one more of my kids waft a bit of chocolate egg under my nose I swear I will have to lock them in the garden. For their own safety! *g*

What is Mahi Mahi? You have me intrigued now!

Nichole said...

Aww..that sucks...and totally sounds like something I'd do!

Hope you have a great Easter!


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