Monday, October 5, 2009

Mad House Monday

I tell ya today was the wackiest Monday in a long time it was never ending and just one thing after another but considering that October is usually our slow month I'm liking it! now on a surprise note one of my blogging pals gave me an award yes in deed Valerie did she has a really neat blog go look...I landed there one day and got involved in a witches cupboard swap...Now you had to make a gift for another blogger that had to do with something that would come out of a witch's knowing how fast I act and do not listen very well unless you are eye to eye and making sure I'm stopped long enough to get it...I joined the swap and made my little gift...I made a coffin with decorations it was cute for my first stab at crafting but not till after I saw what others had made and how OFF mine was...I was so embarrassed but happy to have been involved with it..I proudly mailed the not so topic thing to my buddy and she graciously accepted my little trinkets...... Now lesson learned is read the directions not only once but twice...don't be so excited to get involved that you go off and make something that is off topic...but do remember it is all in good fun and we enjoy the camaraderie of the blog world...In the end Lani had a good adventure thu craft land learned a few things and know they will always remember the girl who made a Coffin box ???????? Where did i see that in witches cupboard....Ok now I will put the award up tomorrow cause this has gotten way off topic....Good night and god bless...Oh this is the cute stuff I got from my Witchy swapper cute is it the little hat on the post was painted with black and lightening bolts of purple going down is awesome...and the little jars had potions and eye balls and worms ..yummy.....Jeanne has a realty nice Itsy store go look at her blog it is really cool .................. so look at her stuff thus the Witch's cupboard....good lord Lani read child read.....

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