Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tomorrow waving live from KHAY......and look here

Now this is the life I made this sandwich last night and it is from homemade bread my tomatoes from the garden and yes my homemade pickles...It was so nice and I was so satisfing the more I grow the more i want to do more gardening canning and baking...the bread is Julies I must admit ..... but to be more self sufficient....more about that later but for now they asked me to come down to the radio station tomorrow to talk about the new Blogger rules for advertising and here is my opinion I am not blogging to make money I blog cause I enjoy the people and the things we do as humans...those who advertise I don't know I guess they need the money or they think it makes them look like big shots...hey don't get me wrong i love advertising for your own goods...amen to that.... but some blogs have gotten so saturated with crap you get lost trying to read an entry...I like simple I'm a keep it simple stupid person cause yes I am simple and at times quite stupid...well i have to go to my meeting I will check in when I get home and tell you the topic to today...love you....don't you just want to eat that sandwich.,,I want to start to sell my pickles they are so good ask anyone.....god bless...


Doris Sturm said...

I would buy a jar of your pickles - I love pickles, always have...and tomatoes are my most favorite fruit? (or veggie?) Bread is my weakness, so there you have it. YES, I would love one of those sandwiches right now. I've got a brad baking machnine and have been contemplating baking a loaf because I also love the way the house smells...very cozy!

Have a nice evening :-)

Janie at Sounding Forth said...


Say what ya think why dontcha?

Me want pickles. yummmm.

Roberta said...

Oh give me a bite! That sandwich looks so good!

Tom H said...

Great advertisement, that sandwich of yours. I just ate dinner and I'm hungry again. No home made bread. damn!


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