Sunday, October 4, 2009

Great weekedn...Quilt show and new bird....e

Finally caught up with myself after the vacation and I still owe you guys pictures I will make a slide show today promise...but yesterday went to a great quilt show again will make another slide show of that too but when I was there low and behold i ran into a friend who Inever thought would quilt and I was shocked she was taking a class with her daughter thats nice and 700.00 dollars hshe is now a quilter ta da .....quilt...funny how we see people in our own eyes the way we see them and we never know how much we women have in here is a picture of the girls from left to right Darcy my friend that I never thought would quilt...her daughter whats her name and my Best quilting bud Rita Mary....The show was small enough to enjoy but big enough to spend 100 dollars...then today got a new bird for bird my bird is called bird and so I will name this one Dee thus I have Bird Dee ...brilliant....ok going to the neighbors house to strip his pomegranate tree for U all..god bless...


Yarni Gras! said...

Lani...come see me at my blog...I gave you a new award!

Debb said...

Just stop by to say thank you for my swap .The witches coffin was really neat.


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