Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Marthas Vineyard in 60 seconds

Ok ya gotta laugh we went to Martha's vineyard today and took the ferry and said to ourselves...Selves let take the tour it is two and a half hours around the whole island we will learn allot and see everything......NOT....Hold on to your hat we take off out of the gate and ZOMMMMMMMMMM this guy first he had dentures that did not fit right and an accent that was non understandable so it was like listening to someone tell you a story with a mouth full of marbles and an accent! And this bus drove so fast you could neither take a picture nor video I did video for a joke cause when people come to my house and are in a bad mood I'm going to play this video cause they will pee their pants ........then he tells us that there is a stop up at the end of the island near cliffs that I think people have jumped from to get back to the other side of the island...but he says before we get off you can go to the bathroom right down the hill but you need to pay.....up the hill are some shops and remember if you are not back here in the allotted time I will leave Ive done it before and he added........ many times!!!!! Seriously it was so funny and so unbelievable that we had to laugh ya could not get mad...oh the kicker is when he gets back from the tour he says oh the ferry back to the main land leaves...OH MY NOW!!!!!!! The next one does not take off till 6pm mind you it is 3:45......... Anyway then we go to come back to the B&B and got lost yes do not get lost on Cape Cod east means west and north means south...... We lucky have a strong marriage cause under other circumstance someone would be dead.....Finally we made it back to the town we are staying in but had not eaten since breakfast which is not that bad cause this place fed you really well ...... This Bed and Breakfast is Fabulous more about it later...so we are hungry and lost and when pulled into the drive of the B&B we looked at one another like do we dare to leave and find food???? Well we did and yes got a bit lostish again but had enough sense to turn around and head back then took a right turn just down fro the B&B and found a Liquor Store where we were going to get staples to last the night but asked in weak and frail voices is there somewhere to eat with in one block of here? YES PIZZA thank god...now we are full and in the B&B and going to bed ....And you know I always end it with God Bless and tonight I mean it GOD BLESS.........I hope your enjoying this LINDA!


Kaye said...

Lani, thanks for taking us on your vacation, you are doing a good job. Its a beautiful time of year to visit New England.

GARI said...

Years ago DH said he knew how to get to Martha's Vineyard, drove us all around Mass and we wound up in Salem (north of Boston) instead of on the island (south of Boston). Needless to say, he never heard the end of it even though we really enjoyed touring Salem. lol


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