Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What happend to the week???????

Ok it is Tuesday and yes I was gone and no I do not own a laptop someday maybe ....,but for now let it be known bed and breakfasts don't all have Internet access ...I need to go update the dog blog I have some of the cutest little east coast dogs...brb....ok there up go look at them ....here....so Boston was great tomorrow i will post some pictures i posted the dogs and the wavers for waving Wednesday from Boston will be up tomorrow and i decided Tuesday will be now officially Topic Tuesday and I will share at night...that is kinda scary since Halloween is coming. and its my blog so nananana...Tonight the topic was Loving yourself...now I know this may seem strange but ladies we don't........... lets admit it and with some of the great shares I got it seem we all have the same thinking when it comes to this subject....We just don't know how to love ourselves and I am finding more times out of none it is because we are either giving to much of ourselves to take time or we are just plain scared to love ourselves as if there is something wrong with that. It is not like it is a bad thing...some suggestions are pin up a note on the mirror telling yourself you love you..........sounds funny but it seems to be working for others. and another thing is stop saying Yes all the time ........one wise woman said that there is a nice was to say no just say ....this is just not a good time for me...Brilliant ...so with this I could go one and on but I think you get the gist ....remember I love ya...and god bless.....

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Yarni Gras! said...

good post and thought provoking. My sister once told me she felt like a bank. Everyone always made withdrawls but noone (her hubby and daughter) ever made deposits. That really made me think about how I was treating myself b/c if we are the only ones who MAKE deposits, then they'd better be good ones!


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