Tuesday, March 31, 2009

April Showers Bring May flowers

That's it the giveaway for April will be garden driven I have to go see what I can come up with for things to give......but believe me there is always some stuff somewhere that needs to be given away to a new home...oh yipee....I also need to find a yoga meditation class for me and Linda.....I will explain that later we decided while out to dinner Saturday night at the restaurant that served so much food really the Cesare salad was big enough for a table of 12 we stared out asking for two dinner salads and the waiter said oh you should just get the one for all he sat it on the table and the table tipped sideways.....The place is called Bucca di Beppo fab food but the portions are made fir the Jolly Green Giant....The men had no complaints of course even dirty boy who I decided to start talking to during the dinner....by then he smelt better........I'm still eating the leftovers and it is Tuesday...... SO meditation class Linda (the sock monkeys mom)needs to find her center or something and you know me good Ole pal...and to be quite honest this is going to be to much fun....but she is having problems finding a class's in Simi but you watch today I will find one or I will buy a tape for which we would have to diaper up cause I'm sorry the last class I went to with my daughter we could not stop laughing...... and we had to be serious the Yoga man who was 212 years old and a DEEP India accent ...and I swear I laughed which made me fart which made me pee which made her laugh and so on and so forth.... but as usual I will keep you posted oh and did I tell you I'm going to start going down to the Radio-KHAY station that I use to work at and start back helping my friend Charlye down there god only knows what trouble the two of us can get into ....... keep in mind how famous i already am.....LOL ....In my own mind......Well it is crack of dawn and I need to head off to work.....and today I'm going to meet with my cronies to Quilt it has been weeks I will talk to ya tomorrow.....

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Linda B said...

Lani, you are just precious!


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