Monday, March 30, 2009


Congrats to Lola at ...and sew on who won our great Eggstra Special Giveaway....My Dirty Easter Bunny hubby picked from you who entered and it was tough to read Thu the't wait for our next one and I have some cute stories this week I will update tomorrow for ya....I just love these giveaways I wish I could give everyone something....hummmmm....thinking......God Bless ...Now hop on over to Kaye's blog to seee who her winner U....Hey if you are one of my followers will you kindly send me your address I have something in mind.........


Linda B said...

Durn, I was counting on those bunnie ears for Easter dinner. My family always expects something outrageous from me.

What do you mean by address? Mailing address?

andsewon said...

OOOOH MMMMYYY WOORD Lani!!! I am so honored to have been picked by that Hunky Dirty Cowboy of yours!!!! Speechless I am not.. I am YELLING and dancin..well as best I can!!
Can't wait to wear my Bunny Ears and hop too serve my Hunky Fella some Easter Peeps and jelly beans!!
Thanks Lani for doing your wonderful GiveAways!!You be SPEEECIAL gal...;-)

Pat said...

Gosh...must be Lola's lucky week, as she won another giveaway already this week, too! Congratulations to her...and we need a photo of her in the bunny ears, right?? I"m not sure what you mean by needing our addresses, either, you mean mailing addresses or email addresses?

Kathy said...

Are u kidding? U want my address???? I'm afraid, very afraid. See, I know that you are WACKY! LOL! But then I guess it takes one Wacky to know another Wacky!~

Are u serious????

Mary said...

Oh darn, I wanted those bunnie ears too! Congrats to andsewon!! Hugs, Mary

Kaye said...

Hey Lani, The winner of my blog is Barbara of Pineland Patches. Congratulations to Lola, this is a lucky week for her


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