Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Just to much stuff to do girls and boys

This little milk carton my hubby made in kindergarden

Who can forget Gurley candles

And yet more .......

The baby cowboy tree for the dogs room

Our Manorah for my little Jews Hank and Heather Anne

Little snow man from hubbys childhood

Gurley candles how long since you have seen to love um

More Gurley candles

And this little gem probly held plenty of good egg nog

This little angel was made by my mother in love

Old stuff from Christmas days gone by........

The fireplace with the old Avon Nativity

I gotta tell you I am having more fun with this new didgital camera than anyone can understand...THANK YOU BOBBY & LINDA..... God love um I do love them so even with out the camera they are truly my good friends so so so as promised here ar a few of the old christmas decorations I have about the house....Enjoy and share yours with others

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