Thursday, December 18, 2008

I just cant keep this in any longer...Bobby is not sick

OK ya know Bobby from the dinner post....well he has been claiming to be sick with a flu bug...people let me tell you this man looked fine at dinner not flush not nausea nothing not a sign of illness...And the weekend he made the work party and fine but oh my come Wednesday he is suddenly ill....... Look here is the real story Linda my buddy and his wife of forever in a million years has two days count them two days she puts aside to make cookies with some loved ones.....i know i know i should be there but work calls.....anywho she spends theses two days baking and decorating cookies tell me really what are the chance that Bobby would be struck me yesterday as i was slaving at work and could smell the aroma of the cookie all the way from Simi and that big baby is home again today i tried to call her but who answered the phone yup again Bobby and he is home again and if he is so sick why is he answering the phone......well i immediately got on the horn to Linda and reported what i thought was not a sick man but a big baby who needed some gosh darn cookies.......Let me tell you people they do not call me lanformation for nothing in the neighborhood...well god bless and have a good day

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