Friday, December 19, 2008

Just a few things

That is the salsa canning to the left
I made mild tonight tomorrow night it is hot baby hot . I know it is not your most professional way to do it ...I'm kinda a wing it cook ..but my stuff is delicious ask any one go go ask I'm know around the culinary circles.... not
This is Janet she use to own the quilt store in Camarillo she is really sweet

This is the whole group there is Pam across from me and Carol next to her and my teacher mentor best pal and laughing partner Rita Mary ... I love my Rita..... She taught me to quilt or what we think is quilting then there is Cindy who I always call Sue across from Rita and that is it....

And the group again

Hey I need two more people for the pay it forward...any takers? tonight I'm canning salsa yummo yes indeed and the other night i went to dinner with my quilting group...We get together every Wednesday night and quilt talk and laugh while i sit at my sewing machine and cuss i think they keep me around for pure entertainment we have been together and they have done great things with there abilities Im a hold on to your hats ladies but I do not start one project without finishing the one I'm on..i know some of you are grasping for bags for the hyperventilation and some have just plane fainted but it is true perhaps that is the reason i only get oh 3 to 4 a year done.... Hey here are some pictures of my group and the salsa


Sherry said...

The salsa looks delicious! My mother and I gathered at my house this summer and made several pints....17 I think. I thought that would last us, but now I'm not so sure!

Have a Merry Christmas!
Love your vintage decorations...

F.Gina said...

Thanks your visit :)))
I wish you Merry Christmas and happy New year !!

Rhonda said...

That salsa looks pretty hot from here.....LOL....Have a great Christmas. Take care.


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