Monday, December 22, 2008

The Italian Cookie Adventure

Ok lets see since last we spoke I have had more fun ....I baked 30 little banana bread they are so adorable i could just eat them all myself...finished the salsa 32 jars WOO HOO and the cookie are fini'..... talk about cookies here is a good mother in love makes the best cookies all Italian and all old country so each year i just each them up and always ask if I Can bake with her one year low and behold 10 years later it is my lucky day ...It is just me and LuLu so i take my kitchen aid blender and 50 thousand zip lock bags and I'm off booked out all day Sunday for the event...even left the house to stay dirty what the heck...So i get there and LuLu has some recipes picked out and asked if there are any I would like so I get one I would like the most delicious and fastest to eat with only one bite...So we are set up and we get to mixin' and whipin' and humm this dough just does not seem like it should says LuLu hummmm now for me hum means trouble or confusion one or the other...... so LuLu says my logs just are not sitting up right so she decides to add a egg....... never leave the recipe WARNING WILL ROBINSON WARNING..... ok so she is adding her egg she looks over and compliments my logs....gotta love it...So into the oven they go and the timer is set......buzzzzzzzzzzz hum they just don't look the same...hers looked flat and my logs were so hard they make biscotte seem like a tea cake....OK so the logs come out....Alright on to the next batch good ole Russian balls so I do the batter and roll my balls and off to the oven they go...well come to find out the timer is really old and does not always go off....ok my balls burned yes I now have burned balls but what does LuLu say hey with a little powder sugar who will notice....In amazement and shock I said NoNoNo..balls trash..but her balls are perfect of course we did manage to salvage a couple of my balls.....ok now to the Italian cookie the famous ones. Good Lord no Cream of Tarter Im really loosing faith in this woman people and no pine nuts and I asked over and over what do you need....oh no i know what to get dear ...... So off to the store LuLu runs for the Cream of Tartar should be called Gold of Tartar at the price she paid gezzzzz $9.00 buck for a small jar of white power .....SO she gets back and by this time I have decided to leave her alone because maybe these ones will turn out the best....So there she sits all quite rolling her dough and dipping it each little shape in egg white and mushing pine nuts into the tops...They looked so delicious and cute...So we put them into the oven and off to have a nice cup of tea and ponder the causes for this debockle...Time goes off ...yeah note how is goes off for all her cookies...darnit....She goes to the oven and all i hear is oh Laaaaaaannnnnnnniiiiiii and she is laughing so I come around the corner and ask first will i pee my pants cause it is going to be so funny cause i need to pad up if so...the cookies formed a hugh pancake i have pictures i will upload for you ...Let me tell you I have never enjoyed a day so much and accomplished so little in all my life and she is still me mother in Love....God bless.....I will update you on Hanuka tomorrow that should be a hoot also at the x in laws home they love me..what else


Eric said...

Geez Lani, you've been quite productive!

... better luck next year with the cookies. : )

Tom H said...

Well Lani! It still was fun, I'll bet. My wifes familt are from the "old" county, and all bakers. Only difference is, non of them used recipes. So, as they got older we would trick them into givin it up. Out came the video camera when they went to baking. I don't think they ever did understand what we were doing. But we can now make strudel and all the other baked goods just as good.


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