Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Happy Birthday Casey

Happy Birthday Casey

To the woman who taught me so much

A. How to flip people off and not give a shit! Her ability to teach us this was extremely time consuming but we got it! Even the kids

Even at her worse she proved to be quite the flipper offer! IS that a word?

Yup there she goes !

For her ability to make sure I continued the tradition Dad taught us all

 "When in doubt don't give a shit but smile like you do! "

 Be creative and find your inner artist. She would tell me "All the Clayton's have talent" and then she would flip me off!

My sister Casey was a "Creative Genius"

 She brought out my inner artist.

 And most important she made me laugh so f*&^&  hard. We would always always always Pad up. Yes we had to wear pantie pads. We would laugh so hard we would pee.

Many a times we had dropped to the ground laughing !

This is when she made Mama and me a Indian dinner she always dressed the part! LOL

Happy Birthday Casey and Thank you for You!

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