Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Heat is on Fall is here

This post is from October so in the interest of me I am putting it up!

I owe you a post I have been ignoring you and for that I apologize. I am a rotten little spoiled brat and so I say na na na na na tough shit!@ Seriously I have had quite an full plate lately. Plus all of a sudden it is October and the house is screaming to be decorated.

 But at 3:47 I took the kid's to the airport for the start of their HoneyMooney. The thing I did not get is the 400 pound suitcase Lynsey had. I guess I keep forgetting when I was "younger" and need more stuff to take places. Now it is a toothbrush and Pa if I remember him!

Look  at her suitcase .... Seriously I hope she took everything she needed.

Ok wanted a picture of them leaving and may I ask WHY is this lady looking and not them.  Did she hear me yell Bye Baby Boy that made her look?  They could care less look at them running to get away from me. 

Ok moving on

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