Saturday, November 2, 2013

A letter from Him

It is early and my mind has been twirling round for the last five years. Last night I was sitting with Pa and looked at him and said. Did you realise we have never lived alone? Hummm We had the kids for all our years and then Mama moved in and now my heart is a little heavy with the thought of Mama moving on.

You all know the Poor Lil Lani story I have had five years of Bliss to say the least. One day My Higher Power said Lani I have a test for you. I was excited and said bring it on Dear Lord. It went in a nut shell like this.

Good Morning Lani you have breast cancer oh by the way we are going to do heart surgery. Twice my dear be brave. I have work for you.

Hey wait a minute I am going to let you experience a little car accident where you can say HI to all the love ones you lost but once they find your car and wake you up they will pop you into a helicopter and rush your bloody ass to the hospital.

Then just to show you how strong you can be, as if I could here "I am Woman Hear me Roar" we want you to stop being so Gosh Darn scared to drive and get your ass out to Hemet. Why you ask? Because your sister and mama are going to be diagnosed with Cancer. but I am sorry Casey has to die. But you will care for Casey while taking care of Mama and getting her to radiation.  Casey's job is done down there but I want you to know she loves you dearly and sure did appreciate your help.

 But your Mama will go into remission and Oh wait she will break her hip so I want you to take her home with you. She has gotten a little goofy but that makes it a perfect match. Be strong Lani because I could have taken you in that car accident but I told you before if you remember your job is not done yet. That is all for Now.

Have a good Day Lani!


Your Higher Power
 P.S. Watch the truck driver mouth ! !

I got this letter two day's after I found out Mama's cancer is back and she is going to leave me. I am heavy hearted and very sad. But in hind site she has spent two wonder full years with me and her family.

As we say "Thank you Babay Jesus"

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Tangos Treasures said...

(((Lani))) Sending you hugs & Prayers!


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