Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Week one with Mama

On the Road again
Well it has been almost a week  and so far so goodish. We have her room done and she seems quite comfortable. Now here are a few pointer's. We do not want Mama to panic when she does she thinks she is still in Hemet. It took a lot of convinc9ng but I still think she thinks I am a bit kookoo! I tried to convinced her that she was in Simi Valley. She seems to think that Gary and I have renovated her home. Why when I took her to see the back yard to prove it is not Hemet she asked when Gary bulldozed the back yard. Hummmm. But that is expected in the first few weeks as she is still a bit confused with everything that has happened.

Ok who is she?
Moving Yes!
By Friday she was up to par.
 The house is upside down with Apron strings moving and Mama's stuff every where. It looks like Box City. It seems each time I break one box down another one appears. I found a good friend who is willing to come in and watch Mama so I can get out a couple of times a week. Look even if it is to dig in my garden I'm all over it. This last year sure has made me appreciate the little things. And the weight loss did not hurt Shit I am down 20 + pounds now that is so working for me. I am getting closer to that Senior Super Model look I think the career is right around the corner,

I'm here for you man!
 Alright now Pa and Apron Strings decided to install Mama's TV by mounting it on the wall. Great. Asking in a kind yet I can do better voice I ask
"Did you read the directions?
Do you think you can do it?
Is it high enough?

Installing TV audience
blah blah blah...

So they get it going while Grama and myself and Red (Aprons strings fiance) watch. The arm is in the wall and Pa decides to put the extension arm on but as he is doing it the screw keeps falling out of the bottom of the tube pipe thing and dropping to the ground.

So in a kind, loving, sweet I told you so voice I say
"Is it in right?
Pa looks at me and say's
"No it is upside down"
 Now I can not help it I had to say it
"Well Honey did you not see the Arrow that pointed Up? "
At that point my wifely duty was done. I allowed them to fix the mistake with no more voice commands from me! But the little wink from my Mama was cute!

Now look at the pictures below it is Ms. Independence and the face I got when I asked her if she needed that many shoes for a three day trip? Seriously she brought all those down when she came to visit "For Three Day's" in May!!! God know's hpw many will see next visit.
Yes mama I needed 7 pairs
I made her line them up ..reality check she was not phased

I applied for a Food Network show calle3d Chopped on the . I actually got an email back that they wanted to see a DVD of me and my charming ness. They are having a couple of shows that have theme;s for Mom's and Amateur chefs. I pitched myself for the Mom one. Amateur chef is taking it a bit far. I have high hopes and yet not. My kids are grown and I still cook my ass off. Go to my Cooking Website for proof. I hope they do not just have young Mother's but stick a few of us aged ones also. They said they will let you know if they like the DVD in September. It is the first of September why have they not called?

My Baby girl Ms.Independence is coming down in two weeks and it is going to be the highlight of my summer. If I do not get this house straighten out I can see her facxe.I miss that lil one. She has to give Grama a new haircut and watch movies wityh me and just let me stare a her. Last time she came down it was only for a few days and look at the amounof shoes she brought. Problem? I wish she was closer I miss her more than than than well you get it!

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