Thursday, August 23, 2012

What a year and more ...

Well I am hopeful that after this week I can adjust to my own home and Mama moving in. This year has proven to be quite a challenge. I always say that God does not had me more that I can handle. I have been re thinking this feeling for a few months.

I have to say that if I was to have looked at what my life has been and formed into in the last five years I would have laughed and said "No Shit" This post today is really just filled with a lot of feelings and stuff in my little head.Mostly to catch you all up and get this blogging going again. I have been a bad lil blogger.

Let us start with a subject that has been close to my heart and a battle for my head. Family. Can't live with them can not live without them. Does anyone besides me wish they had the Cleaver, Ozzie , or Dennis the Menses's family? Mine is more like a cross between The Adamms Family and The Cleaver's, really god bless them all (my folks) each and every one but .....oui!

 I know there are many of you who have lost a sibling and know the heart ache of the whole thing. There are day's when I swear my sister Casey is riding right next to me and other days where I have to question the loss. The other day I was driving back from Mama's and I packed all the stuff Casey made her in a box and when we packed my car up someone put that box in the front seat. While I was driving I put on my DVD player and one of Casey's personal DVD's was playing I had not noticed the box till I was singing a loud..I mean really loud and glanced over to see the box with Casey written on the side with a smiley face and I swear I drove home so happy to have her next to me....and yes I had my arm around the box ! (tear)

Apron Strings and Red
Ok let us talk about everything that has been happening around here. Well Apron Strings (Hank) and (Red) Lynsey are engaged. Jezzzz they have been dating 4 years where did the time go. And I do not want to hear the bullshit that time flies when you get older even the young folk say time goes to fast (during summer) Also Apron Strings is moving "there is a God" Look in his defense at 29 I did say do not leave till you can stay gone the door does not wing both ways. 

My lil Savannah (Niece)
My Neice Savannah came down for a visit. What a great girl ok woman. She stands 6 2' on a sunny day and is so pretty. She hails from Wyoming which is smaller than where we live. She thinks that Simi is crowded wow! We went to the Fair and saw the ribbons I won and had a few good laugh's. And like all good girls we did go shopping. I am not big on shopping for clothes I am a simple one but when I get a chance to go with a young-in I feel all fun inside!  I sure to enjoy having time to spend with my nieces and nephews. It is really nice to hear the insights of our young folk. Takes me back !! Way back
Beach time

Mama and her friend Maureen 92 years young

Mama the love of my family life. She is coming home with me to live. Yet another who'd have thought my precious Mama spent half of her life raising us jack asses all five of us. She had brain cancer last year the radiation took her for a loop. She lost her oldest daughter in December. Keep in mind Casey lived 4 doors down from Mama and took care of her and they got close. Well let's be honest Mama would say she never knew Casey as well as she did once Casey moved down the street...and Casey had some frustrating times with Mama. But all in all thank god they had the 4 years together prior to her passing. Ok moving on 

Made NY Deli  pickles

Made some killer Deli Pickles and Sauerkraut that is on the Canarella blog

Yes that is me on the Nana my Vespa Scooter that my gift from god hubby bought me. Why you ask well because I am so HOT...... Look I have no idea why. For 5 years I have been on a Vespa cloud. Taking pictures of random Vespa's. Going into Vespa coma's when I spot one. Parking in front of the Vespa dealer by my daddy's and sitting for a longgg time day dreaming. Why I have friends I have meet only because I followed them or waited to see who owned the Vespa in the parking lot. Pa said it was to dangerous but he got me one. Hummmm wait a minute I bet this is a way to keep me home. For the last year I have spent most of my time in Hemet talking care of Casey or Mama...What a smart man. I am still sitting on it as we speak. But more on that as I get more confident and figure out how to do my hair with a helmet and how to sit to my best advantage to look HOT!

And there he is My hubby "Pa" Let us not discount this man. He is the gift god dropped into my lap as I sat in a meeting braggin about how I would never ever ever ever get married again after the last one.

Now I do have to admit I got two beautiful, normal, wonderful, charming, talented, strong, thoughtful, caring, independent children from that sperm donor.

But when  I saw Pa well that was it. Or maybe it was when he asked me out and I politely said "Oh I can not right now I am going through a divorce" and he looked right at me and said. "Ok but I won't ask you again" What the Hell! 13 years later .... this man has be so patient with everything I have gone through in the last 5 years any other man would have run and run fast. Not Pa I could go on and on but all I can say is yet one more time I am blessed! Oh that is him changing the garage motor after moving all my Mama stuff from Hemet with a cold and a tooth ache. NO you can not borrow him!

Hey Lani what about your Daddy ......

Daddy with Casey
I went to visit my Father last week on the way to Mama and he is getting older also. 85 . Thank God for Lynn his wife she is so loving and caring toward him. I hope he knows how luck he is. I have noticed he is getting forgetful. He gave us a old I mean OLD chain saw. I got it home and Pa said it needed so
much work that it was not worth fixing. So in the garage it sat. We know from donating anything dad gives us we know he will call and want it back at some date. And low and behold it happened (here is the age part) Dad call's me with a Hi Honey just wanted to know if you could bring back the chain saw in case I need it"

Did I  mention it weighs 400 pounds. Ok dad will do I will drop it by next Monday. Ok he called Wednesday then Thursday to tell me he gave his chain saw to my brother and could I get it and bring it back to him....wait it gets better he then calls me Friday to see if I could bring him the chain saw he thinks he left at my house? Oh Papa !!!! But let's look on the bright side he remembers he has a chain saw!


Savannah said...

You got your vespa? And you seem to always pick the greatest pictures of me.. Not!

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing,I lost a sister too when she was 40. And my best friend just died and its not easy but the memories run deep, happy ones.Blessings to you Lani

Tangos Treasures said...

Hi Lani!! Nice to see you blogging again!! Sending big hugs!!


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