Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Honey where is my sock?

 So we are going to the podiatrist and my mama yells from the driveway...Lani! LANI! Jesus Gosh what mama ....Lani where is my other sock? It was next to the other one on the dryer...right next to your sunglasses! Lani...Lani! where? I look back and when she had gotten her sunglasses on they had clipped the sock and it was dangling from her glasses. Now how in the hell this woman (82) did not see it??? I swear I thought I was going to pee my pants but the funny part is she goes Oh looky there! So while we are at the doctor's some old man comes in yelling Does anyone have a "yellow" Dodge Dart in the parking lot? Hummm no mine is an orange Dodge Caliber.... ok no biggy....No biggy till I got to the parking lot and saw my car...Ouch! But looking on the bright side he left all his information.....SaWheat!.....

 So moving on now see that Happy Face on my Mama it was the Starbucks I got her!

Alright so moving on mama and I are driving and I'm mama where is my phone? She has no clue. She probably wonders why I would bring her home phone with us anyway. So we search the car I even pull over and look under the seats in her purse everywhere. Nothing. We get home I go in and grab a flashlight because it is somewhere. Mama asked oh my what if you dropped it some where! So I take a break in the drivers seat reach down to get a sip of water and accidentally grab my PHONE! look down and it is sitting in the cup holder....Duhh!

I am telling you I need to get back to hangin with peeps my own age.......

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StitchinByTheLake said...

But what fun would that be - peeps your own age? :) blessings, marlene


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