Saturday, May 19, 2012

Holy Crap It's 2012

Mam and Mimi

Holy Crap Chris is back
My little helper
Did it just hit me or have I been in a Lanicoma? Really it is 2012 do you think someone maybe the bank, the store a friend might tell me to stop putting 2011. Ok I admit it last year was a bit screwy but it is May of 2012! I have not kept up on my blog's . My husband looks a bit disheveled. I have a new car...A new car? Alright by the end of the day I should be ok. Oh and I have an artichoke growing in my garden. I do not even eat it! Well I am going to just make  this blog post a picture of what has happened this year. Oh shit I got a new puppy.

Oh Yeah and Chris is back ...Heather visited... Julie got a job! I had another surgery did you guys know all this could someone have told me? I even did Yoga Yoga?

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Barb and Sharon said...

Just wanted to say, love your dogs! We have 2 Aussies and love them to bits. Best dogs out there.


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