Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Day two on the Island

 Stella my granddaughter helps me wash up each day ...She is a water cat.....So after we washed up Ms.Independence and I headed over to Golden Gate Park a very large piece of Frisco that has enough to keep us busy for several visits...So today we will go to .......The California Academy of Science now neither of us are brainy-ax...but after great mental thought and the fact that we had a heart attack over the price 30.00 per person hey wait I'm a senior that knocks off 3 dollars...Ok were in....and it was worth every single cent.....I will let the pictures tell the story today with a live caption at the end of our field trip!
My Vanna White pose
This is the roof a yard on the roof go figure....
The Rain forest

Come on Junior lick up the pace

Heather with a relative
Jelly FIsh .....Oh the Memories
Nothin but butterflies....

Lunch by the fountain....I love Oakland !

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