Monday, October 17, 2011

Ahh the Island Of Oakland

 And were the Island of Oakland

You all know how much I love this place ......I am so happy Ms. Independence moved here...when I come up here i feel 20 years younger...the people the food the just the everything.....I got into Oakland yesterday and first stop the Farmers Market where we picked up some purple cauliflower for dinner with some Focaccia bread for dinner......yum and let me say there are so many dog's in Oakland they are about as many dogs as there are people...I got some cute shots they are on the Dog Blog......So after we got dinner we walked around some of my favorite stores and off to the new spot for Ms. Independence to get here caffeine high ...this is a tea place that has tapioca balls in the bottom of the cup...So as you drink you eat big tapioca bubbles...I am hooked.....Then I went into a few used book stores and found some great ole' canning and preserving book...they are talked about on Canarella....Next stop back to Lake Merritt to cruise our other shops and off to the movie ...home for dinner and relax for the big day at Golden Gate Park today...Woot Woot
Dinner veggies

Tea with Balls....who a thought
Gifts from Europe trip

Favorite card shop

yummy dinner


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