Monday, October 24, 2011

Casey's first treatment

 They look pretty happy ya think...Well the Doctor is because this is the first time this facility has been able to use this new drug Yervoy it is the newest from the FDA and we are all pretty excited she gets to have it...See that smile on her face I only wish my battery did not die because once she got all set up they gave her some meds to calm she took a went to the car to have a snack and when I came back she was in Happy Land and said..." This is awesome Lani I'm having such a good time" had to be there ..I am in no way making light of the situation but like my mama and Casey both say attitude and laughter they are the best medicine...Hey is that why they are keeping me there for a good laugh.....Hell Yeah!

Please do not tell mama that it is not her phone she so enjoys the large size...LOL....Really she know we thought it was a funny picture see now you know where my sense of humor comes from

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