Monday, July 25, 2011

To gray or not to gray

This is a very serious questions ...let me explain myself...I have a bit of gray ok the whole crown of my head has been gray for the past few years...So a few months back i mentioned to Ms. Independence (daughter) I think i might like to grow my hair a vampire to a neck she is spot on me...Remember she is a hairdresser. Ok here is what we do for our clients. We will streak the crown and while it is growing out you will not notice so much and then decide....This is a good idea.......Gosh I wish I had a camera I need to get that done.....Remember mine died.....;-( and a camera is vital to the blogger like spices to the chef....anywho now it has been a few months since we started this adventure...A few obstacles.....since the accident my hair is so dry like the desert in Death valley and the little one says that is because of antibiotics.....Do ya think the doctors may have taken that into consideration when pumping me full of that .....think about it infection? shiny hair? infection? shiny hair.....I'm sorry but really?

Alright here we are you know I never made it up to Oakland in June via Accident and so the hair is growing out and I am like a puppy looking at a biscuit each morning in the mirror. Hoe do you guys feel about gray hair? My hubby god bless him could care less if I am bald he just loves me ........ Alright it is not like I can do anything about it today but obviously it is something that is on my si not like I need to look any younger it just seemed easier but then there are some people who can wear gray Louann and some of us who well decisions decisions..........I will get a camera in the next few days and give you guys some head shots....Like I am a super model........ in my own


That Janie Girl said...

Color it, until you can tell it's all gray, then slowly less and less color.

Then you can tell.

But I like your hair dark!

Sherry said...

It's not like you can't undo it! Give it a try. If it works...great. If not...only your hairdresser (and all of us) will know for sure. ;-)

Glad you are feeling better and back to posting!


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