Friday, July 22, 2011

Off to Fair we go.....

My canning for Fair
 So off to Fair I go ....and yup that is the little car we bought....the color is bright but everyone says it matches my attitude.....
The new ride..wootwoot

Cute huh!
 I took some of the pictures i took this last yer in the garden and cooking and entered them..I will post them tomorrow I have copies ...I was amazed at the amount of pictures people put in and the pictues are amazing....Mine are like the little beginner shots the ones people say how cute ....
First stop Photography

Yup that is a lemon it is always about food with me
 Here are my canned goods...this is my favorite part. I was smart enough to do a lot of canning this year and put many aside for Fair....Who of thought how handy that came in so 14 little jars of yummy
My jars getting checked in

Stopped by my favorite nursery

Retail therapy
I can not do an big time gardening so I got small stuff to put in pots for now.....

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