Monday, March 21, 2011

Great Weekend at Mommy's

Yippee she is cooking


11-12-13- ok 10-11-12- ok ok 10-11
Seriously come on its March
So the monthly trip to mom's was good....Cards Friday night a usual stop with the cronies no pictures this time but you can jump to see my friends by clicking here .... So I let mom know that I applied for Tigers Blood internship she nearly feel off her chair and we laughed and had a good time with it.......Hey come on lets get real what are the chances of me 55 unemployed sex pistol getting the job...Hey Mrs. Goddess to you all.....SO we used some of the preserved lemon to make a throw together dinner ....but it turned out so good I will post a separate post with the recipe.... But check out my mommy in the kitchen helpin' then when we had to go buy our annual lottery tickets she got into her wallet and I thought it was hysterical how she counted every dollar to get it just right. Personally I think she could use the cash and should go for the Tiger Blood Job herself.......Oh yeah Grama she would give Winner a run for his tiger money.......Also got some pictures of some cute little lambies ...and the rain crap who want to leave in this storm....hum wait or go.....


That Janie Girl said...

Girl. You would so rock the Tigers Blood internship.

Don't they know? Older IS better!

Doris Sturm said...

I'm so out of the loop, I don't even know what a Tigers Blood Internship is....

Glad you enjoyed your mom and the sheep are cute as are the sheep stickers on your envelope you sent ;-)

Happy gardening, my friend :-)


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