Thursday, March 24, 2011

A day in the Life of Lani & Linda

Your WHAT? Driving...ok ok ok ...ok
So lets take a drive because you need to get some tablets to put into my Water Troth's so they will stay fresh for the BIG one so off we go to SOS Survial store in Van Nuys..... lol....Now this was a big day for my Linda because she always drives....not that I can not she has to ...It is a Linda thing without

going into long dialog on both of our habits lets just say Who cares she has a Saaaweet car and fresh water for me with Martha Stewart on the radio when I get in ...I might as sit in the back and point ok ok so we are going to Van Nuys to the Store get there walk in and look for the water purifier tablets I thought it was going to pay oh say 5 dollars per container....Ok go back Linda and Bobby gave us three of these 55 gallon. Heavy duty molded plastic construction. FDA approved resin. 2.4 mm wall thickness. 35 1/2" H x 22" Diameter. Blue 

 drum with solid natural cover and metal lever lock ring closure. Because they did not need them anymore because Spirit their horse passed a few months back. And it would just give Linda one more thing to dust...don't ask.....

Ok back on topic so we go to the store to get the water stuff and I nearly have a heart attack because the tablets are not tablets they are little bottle that cost me $6.00 per bottle that is hang on I have to use my fingers..two ten... twenty four... almost 40 bucks.but the kind  man explained that for 5 years it is good so over the five years it pays for itself and more...ok I am not doing the math my fingers are sore from the addition i did Oh my gosh does anyone watch the Next Great restaurant yes right there on the street is the place they shop now to most this is really unimportant but to a cook and Foodie lover GOLDDD
What do you mean you have to be a chef
Ok to wrap the day up I forced her to go to Buzz's appliance I have a freezer called the Kelvenator in the garage sounds like it was made by Arnold Swartz but not anywho it is taking up room so perhaps Buzz wants it? Well Buzz is really Kim Chong la la la and he would be delighted to come get it.....and after promising it to him i find out the county will pick it up for free and to boot the electric company will pick it up and give me 50 bucks for it... Damn but Kim Young Gee wanted it for parts and it is local and a good give....God Bless

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