Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ok Linda

Hope this makes you happy I am up it is 4:00 am and i will now update all my blogs and keep them up to date ...i told myself...Self there is no need to make any New Years Resolutions after all do you really keep them just try this year to do what you for me it is not really that hard kinda...lets look at this as whole I have allot of challenges this year tomorrow I will yet go have another heart surgery ...stupid heart...not really I love my heart it just likes allot of attention like falling in love was not enough action for it....ok ok so getting a job also holds its place in my mind but the economy is making that a bit of a struggle and back to the blogs... I realized yesterday while sipping my coffee with Linda that yes I have a few but I needed to get them broken down into subjects so if there is something particular that you want to read about you you can go to that blog and read only the stuff you want...well you all know that one is never enough here so for most and now in this mind of mine........ Lets review we have this blog the all subjects available...the gardening blog information on my year which is so big that it needs its own blog...the dog blog for our furry friends and only for pictures and Lil stories.......and last but not least the Visions blog need i say more...holy moley I just went to look at something and saw three posts I did not put today this blog will have three entries not bad not bad......where was i oh updating it will be done today and the point is that I will make that my new year thing to do I refuse to call it a resolution makes it like a must do humm I think that is the point.....Well I'm going to update today so check them out....Happy Linda?....God Bless

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DiahRothman said...

Happy new year, Lani.


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