Sunday, November 7, 2010

Spices hummmm is it fresh?

New thing I'm going to post tips that have made me a better cook...Little things like this topic "How old are your spices" now I have roamed the internet and my soar butt is feeling it and the best website I came upon to really do some spicy study is Mc Cormick it even has a section named Spices 101 how cute the link is here now here are a few little tips and then take yourself to the website if you need more like me....

The best locations for spices as I have done some investigating on SimpleBites
  • The Freezer. Ground spices retain their condition and quality best when stored in an airtight container in the freezer. Up to six months is recommended, but I keep some for up to a year. I also save all my small glass jars from anything to store all things in the freezer. Like lemon zest = chopped things that i did not need so much ya know
  • Inside a Cabinet Door. We all have one just watch the heat from the stove
  • In a Drawer. Very convenient, but drawers are precious real estate in most kitchens. Drawer racks and jars are available from The Container Store
  • On a Pantry Shelf. This is where most of my mason jars of spices and dried herbs are stored. It’s cool, dark, and far from heat sources.
  • Open Storage. If spices are sealed in tins, open shelving or counter-top storage is fine, as long it is not near a direct heat source.
Containers for Storage

  • Tins. This is the best possible place for your spices; preferably tins without glass tops.
  • Small Spice Jars.
  • Carousel spice racks. These popular organizers are best stored inside a cupboard, away from sunlight.
  • Mason Jars. Perhaps the most eco-friendly choice. Most of us have them hanging around, waiting to be re-purposed. Perfect for herbs and spices of all shapes and sizes.

Labeling Tip: For quick turnover of spice varieties, identify your spices with a small paper or sawed off Popsicle stick and drop it into the jar along with the spices. When you’ve finished the jar and are switching ingredients, simply toss the label. No more time wasted scratching at a stubborn adhesive with your fingernail.

Let me go get some pictures from my own pantry and shelves so you can see ...After all seeing is these last two pictures are from the freezer ya think see my lemon zest is frozen thus i take it out wehn I need it...vuawa la

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