Friday, September 24, 2010

Chicken Mexi-Italian

Chicken Mexi-Italian

This is a good one just made it up so here are you ingredients

5 chicken breast larger ones that means big not wimpy ones
Mushrooms’ use the ones you like I use plain old round ones
A small can of green chilies not hot ones unless you feel frisky
Some onion I like red just a little chopped
Crushed tomatoes in a can…. large one
Parmesan cheese the shredded flakes and the ground ones
Some fresh oregano if available or bottled
And seasons of your choice

Ok follow the pictures they help

Oven at 375

Ok clean and wash your chicken
Then I like to cut off the fat and reserve it with one of the breasts for soup later in the winter chop it label it and freeze it.
Ok in your pan line it with aluminum so it is easier to clean. Ok spread some of the crushed tomatoes from the can at the bottom of your pan
Then line up your trimmed chicken breast. I do a head to toe kind see the picture
once they are lined up you can spread your stuff on .
Add the chopped green chilies… the onion… the peppers…..mushrooms and sprinkle some of the parmesan cheese the ground kind.
Once this is done you can spread the rest of the crushed tomatoes and top with the seasons of your choice add the shaved Parmesan cheese…. now you can season under the tomatoes to just don’t over season. I put some sprigs of oregano from my garden in the corners and remove it before I serve the dish.

Ok lets throw it in the oven and bake for oh about 45 minutes you know when it is done if not remove the dish from the oven watch you hands it is hot. Now cut through one breast and see if it is soft and not pink inside.

Ok your done

Before the oven and after ta da ya did it !

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