Thursday, August 19, 2010

The moon was blue

i went to dinner with our soul mate couple Linda and Bobby...while we were at dinner there was a lady that i only wished i had my camera now imagine if you could a 70 something year old with platinum and pink spiked hair a least one yard off the top of head....purple lipstick and two boyfriends one with no bottom teeth and another that looked quite harmless but wow the only thing i came up with she is a old hairdresser or artist cause this woman had to come from a creative background or forgot to exhale...god bless the bold ones in the world they will always keep me i come home and the moon is I swear is blue but it did not come out on the camera...anywho I'm jest trying to keep the blog up to date daily so with that i say goodnight linda...god bless


Tangos Treasures said...

LOL I want purple hair when I get old!

bettyl said...

I can't wait to be 'old' so I can say whatever I want to everybody and get away with it!

Love the moon shots even if the color wasn't there. The one through the branches is awesome.


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