Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Great week

Hail oh Hail our drill team good ole' Notre Dame ...and the streets i use to walk home on.........

the house shown here is the house that made me.....This is the house i grew up in nice huh I swear that I had a great childhood and life. My daddy still lives there with his wife and they are so happy in there later years lucky ..... My parent did such a good job with what they had and five kids.....I'm so very grateful today to have them in my life and to have a good relationship with them....I only hope that i can give them a little joy in the days ahead.....Now I am sharing this because i just am so grateful for my life each day...are you? When i look back on the things i have done in my past good and bad i can only say that the women i have become was no accident it was my destiny...OK I'm getting goofy just wanted to share a little of my past.....LOL..God Bless

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