Saturday, July 31, 2010

wow busy

Do these guys look like they are helping i think not

So much going on I have Heather coming in tonight for the baby shower for Skinny big belly tomorrow....looking forward to it would rather if i could have the baby to play with but in gods time....for now tomorrow is all about Meggie .....Made some cupcakes ....candied some walnuts for the salad and got all the nice plates from the first marriage i have some pretty stuff.........i really just need to check in feeling kinda crappy something going on with the tummy but all is well ....i can pee poop and fart so that means it is just something not acting like it should damn it.....nothing a few doctors appt.s can not fix...God bless health i was in my home and was walking around and ya know i sure do love my is so just enough...and my back yard is so super look at the little hummer i caught on film today so sweet ...oh let me go get the picture......Ok I'm going to make a few posts today and separate my is the salad I'm making for is so delicious remember the 4th party i gave there was a salad that everyone could not get enough of and I think the Dave ate the bowl it is still post the salad and the recipe and how to candy walnuts that i have eaten most of.....gotta watch it do not i say not want to put any pounds back on still struggling with the last 5 but i think if i would exercise more or at all they would fall off...god bless miss u all....

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