Monday, May 3, 2010

Well this last weekend

hubby and my little helper got the waterfall/pondish thing started but never I'm surprised it would become such a large project....yet i thought it would be wam bam thank you hubby....So we started with the pot of coffee and my little helper and here are some pictures to show the semi project .ok so my sister and I decide we will wait for hubby to take a nap then we will do more on the we saw how easy it was for him to make the cement for the we mix mix mix...little far so good...but she suggests we get more cement cause it is going fast and ever time she adds water i add cement and we have a huge bucket of cement that we could not even pick up and it is quick know you had to be there but we were working so fast and it just kept getting harder and we were laughing so hard and more water to the already to much cement and the whole time she is saying Lani don't breathe the fumes while it hardens more....We had more fun then we sit back and look at the water fall...The top portion looks like a bed pan look at the picture the top is on a bright eyes the hubby says lets cement the top part to the stump well plastic does not stick to cement so I ask my sister to please try to take the top part off thinking it would not move it picks right now not only do we have everything but the right thing in the yard cemented down in the yard except the fountain top is not.look no one said it was ganna be easy....and when we were a little more done we sat down and just started at it knowing there is more to do...why my little sister said she would help again next weekend Adventure is just beginning with the fountain....more to come.....god bless is going to be I am back to walking did 2 miles Friday and today did another 3 so the smankle is doing better....tomorrow I will hit the gym i need to get training going for the walk. the diet is moving along but not to fast kind of a snails pace but I'm not giving in I will wear a little tiny tank top for the Avon walk!...ok tired tonight so God Bless and I will update more tomorrow......


Tangos Treasures said...

LOL your too funny!!
It's gonna be pretty when your done!!

Doris Sturm said...

Is your little helper your sister, Lani? Is that the lady ont he second photo? I think that fountain should sound nice once you got it stable. I love listening to a babbling brook... I love that long grass you have in the background - I always have. Dont know the name of it, but it reminds me of hair. It's so pretty!
Good luck with your fountian thinggy ;-) Oh, by the way, I started Weight Watchers on Sunday. Maybe this time I'll stick with it after I told the wole world about it.
Have a wonderful day,
Doris :-)


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