Saturday, May 15, 2010

Well a little over

a week since we last posted but what a buzzie week it has been got all the blueberries frozen away for jelly time in July. My week has been buzy Hired two new girls at work one for the back one for the front they are both sweet young workers who yes like to work...what a pleasure ......The pond is coming along hummmmm don't ask....Next week I will dedicate my whole weekend to the pond ......... Mimi and Hubby will be in tow man who a thought that it would have taken so much work so much for hiring professional...ya at Mommy's this weekend no Tick but lots of laughs went and saw letters to Juliet we should call it novel to Juliet it was so longggggggggggg but cute...humm again....I had to go talk at a meeting for the Avon walk and I hemmed a hawed about that and did not want to go but be of service and all..then by the time i got done sharing my experience strength and hope I sure felt good...funny how they say when you don't want to do something like work., meetings, exercise when you do it you feel so much better...Life is good I do say....I'm back to the gym which is funny that means i went once last week but next week i will do more walking which hubby has been doing with me and that is good for him and myself. I have kept off the 5 pounds i shed during the kankle weeks and no active time but now I seem ready for full steam ahead....Ok mommy is calling me and I will post all kins of pictures when i get home...she has doves that have there eggs outside the front door so precious it makes you remember how precious life is...I'm blessed and I remember to thank god each day and night for all i have all all i have to give back...God Bless......Hi Linda

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