Sunday, May 30, 2010

This girl has more of my quilts

Look every room i go in has a quilt did i make anyone else one? Or right Linda......Casey....JJ.....and many others I just think she is special....Oh so last night i do not sleep with a door closed claustrophobic and all so Heather says OK but Stella (the cat) my granddaughter or the closest it seems i will ever get to one will bother you all night oh that is ok...SO im reading and Heather decides to play with her daughter right before she goes to bed...she comes to my guest suite and says here and throw the kitten toy right in to my gagina area and the cat leaps into the air and like a cpougar puts her two claws into my thieghs and I yell Holy S****** thus the vampire marks in my inner thighs.....Then to make the night go on even better this kitty cat does not like purr petty crap like her grama and so she will just grab any part of your body and start chewing not hard just irritating at 1 am....oh it gets better at 4 am after i feel she will be snuggling down she jumps up on the boyfriends desk and thus jumps on his IPOD which is hooked up to the stereo which is set to just loud enough to have me jump out of bed into a karate kid stand and then having to try to turn off the darn thing in the dark because why turn on a light it may bother the no one who is in my room..???? I unplug the darn thing but the speaker part till has a bit of electricity going thu it and thus i do a boogie dance for the grand finally so by now it is turning into 5am so i decide let me open the window and throw the cat out side (kidding) so she can sit on the ledge and look at all the stuff that is going on outside this lasted about one hour then at 6am meow meow meow Holy Moly what now ok I give up lets go make some coffee and feed you so i go to make the coffee i turn the water on and the cat jumps into the sink and starts playing with the water like she were a Labrador puppy ...what the heck is nothing sacred here and what the hell kind of cat is this??????? To be honest she is adorable and a pain in the ass...but what the now with 15 minutes sleep i am going to go on a hike with the children this should be fun....God Bless.....this should be a exhausting week......gotta love it

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